TYCEN Tanzania is expecting to build capacity of over 35 artists from Dodoma, Mwanza, Geita, Shinyanga and Arusha as part of 200 artists in Tanzania through Sambaa Sanaa Project with support from the ROYAL DANISH EMBASSY IN DAR ES SALAAM-DANIDA.This will be the second workshop, to be held from 17th to 19th June 2017, aims at enhancing the capacity of the participants by improving the way they communicate and allow them to create more connection within and outside their respective regions. The SAMBAA SANAA project enables mobility of culture practitioners and local artists in Tanzania. This mobility helps to improve artist quality, foster new talents, and provide access to art and cultural activities for youth in tackling unemployment hence contributing to the socio-economic development of local Tanzanians. The project will be in a form of workshops and one art bootcamp, where two capacity building workshops are to be conducted and will gather more than 50 local art managers and leaders from Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam, Mtwara, Morogoro, Mbeya, Dodoma, Arusha, Geita, Shinyanga and Mwanza. The first workshop was held in Dar Es Salaam on 29th April to 1st May 2017 involving participants from Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam, Mtwara, Morogoro, and Mbeya. Theoverall objective is to promote intra cultural exchange and strengthen artists’ and culture practitioners’ networks within Tanzania.TYCEN will also provide workshops in order for them to benefit from their art, they need to strengthen their capacity in the areas of:ART MANAGEMENT SKILLS, MARKETING OF THE ART and ART AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS.

The primary target group youth aged 15-35 years old are the 86 artists and culture practitioners who willparticipate in the Intra-cultural exchange and capacity building workshops to be held in Dar Es Salaam and Mwanza. Also, 20 artists and youth culture practitioners who will participate in the Artists boot camp in Bagamoyo.The secondary target group are the cultural and art groups and the local communities in Tanzania. After the workshops, trainees will go back to their organizations and implement what they learnt, while 20 participants will be selected to represent their regions in an art boot camp to be held in Bagamoyo. The boot camp will be used as a learning point and key element of brainstorming and bringing out creativities among the participants Participants will also have a chance to participate at the Bagamoyo International cultural festival in Bagamoyo.Also, they will learn how to run cultural organization, how to use the surrounding opportunities in creating more jobs in the culture and creative industry.

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