TYCEN is expecting to start  Youth capacity  Building Project coordinated by Champions Factory from Bulgaria which will involve 6 organizations from Europe (Bulgaria and Italy), Africa (Kenya and Tanzania), and Asia (Nepal and Philippines), project aims at developing, test and spread new educational methodologies for women through sport as well as enhancing the capacity of the partner organization and beyond, apart from TYCEN as partner organization other partner organizations  includes ; Mine Vangati NGO (Italy), Neema Community Based Organization (Kenya), Go sports (Nepal), Bridging the Gaps (Philippines), Tanzania Youth Cultural Exchange Network (Tanzania)
The first phase of this project was KICK- OFF MEETING in Sassari, Sardinia (Italy) in the period 7-11 March 2018, with hosting organization “Mine Vaganti NGO”.

Action Plan in details, Communication Plan, Dissemination Plan, and Financial Plan, Arranging the creation of the project web page was the main issue discussed during the meeting, also to set up the sample questionnaire and structure for National Study for the Women empowerment through sport tools and programs, and settle timetable with concrete deadlines for it for each single partner.

Therefore there will be youth workers training per organization which will take place in Kenya, job shadowing, at the end each organization will be required to deliver a set of women empowering events during the life- cycle of the project in geographically diverse locations so as to reach the objectives.




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