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"Tanzania Youth Cultural Exchange Network (TYCEN) as one of the project beneficiary of the project GlobaLab on behalf of the coordinator and partners is pleased to share with you the final publication of our GLOBALAB project. It summaries the main project activities and their outcomes. It is more the summary of experiences gained throughout the GLOBALAB project."

The project GLOBALAB is a capacity building follow up process coordinated by Cazalla Intercultral, PEN and Global Citizen Academy, Young People We Care, Tanzania Youth Cultural Exchange Network, and SOUL-XPRESSIONS CO LIMITED seeking functional links and synergies between youth work and the Sustainable Development Agenda. Sub-Saharan African and European partners are working together on improving competences in youth work, its quality and recognition, and to foster new non-formal learning mobility schemes.

Partner Countries:
  • From Africa: Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania.
  • From Europe: Lithuania, Bulgaria and Spain.

The project aims at developing the competences of youth workers in the area of facilitating the Global Learning, free of Eurocentric approach, and focused on the real life examples. The European partnership has already created the manual GLOBALAB and the mobile application based on the 6 steps approach that aims to activate young people to take actions in the areas that interests them, and they find important.

  1. To enhance cooperation between youth organizations from different regions of the world engaging young people in global education processes and SDG agenda.
  2. To improve quality of youth work and non-formal education among engaged partners addressing global issues.
  3. Provide mobility opportunities for youth workers and young people to foster their competences and increase their motivation to actively participate in their society, especially focusing on tackling global issues.
  4. To pilot and disseminate the practices for making global education through real case studies and new IT solutions.
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