PROJECT DURATION:01.03.2016 - 28.02.2018.(24Months).
GRANT AGREEMENT NO:2015-3588/001-001 - of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
PROJECT PARTNERS:FN Forbundet (The Danish United Nations Association - UNA)-Denmark as lead partner, YONECO (Malawi), TYCEN (Tanzania) and Organisation of African Youth (Zambia Chapter).
THE PROJECT IS SUPPORTED BY: Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, KA2- Capacity Building in the Field Youth


The project aims at revitalizing non formal education and mainstreaming Global Responsibility Education as a new core element. It builds capacity of the partner organizations involved to provide Global Responsibility Education.
Non formal sector is facing a lack of educational resources in Global Responsibility Education(GRE).Through this project, the partners address the need of a holistic methodology in GRE as to improve the quality of non-formal learning and build new forms of youth work.
The partners formulated the following objectives:-
  1. By January 2017, to launch a set of non formal methods in Global Responsibility Education, in particular with regards to Poverty, Health, Human Rights, Environment and Climate Change;
  2. By April 2017, to train 22 youth workers from the partners' country in Global Responsibility Education with young people;
  3. By October 2017, to form other 120 trainers in Global Responsibility Education in the partners' countries.

Upon the accomplishment of the first objective of the proposal, a compendium of non-formal methods will be launched, covering four dimensions in GRE: Poverty, Health, Human Rights, Environment and Climate Change.
The compendium will enrich and improve the quality of non formal education in general and address in a global context the biggest challenges of our societies that cause considerable spill-over effects. The methods will be designed so to develop among young people skills to asses from a global perspective the consequences of our personal and local actions, as well as to foster a sense of global responsibility.
The innovative methods developed through this proposal will contribute at revitalizing the non-formal education and will create new forms of youth work in the partners' countries, but also, broadly, on international level.
Furthermore, a network of 22 trainers in GRE will be formed at international level, whilst 4 networks of at least 30 trainers each will be formed at local level in the partners' countries. Consequently, the partners' capacity to provide non-formal education in general and, in particular, Global Responsibility education will be enhanced. As a spill-over effect, the frequency of non-formal education offers in the partners' countries shall be raised and its recognition increased.


As a result of globalization, the world we live in becomes increasingly interconnected more than ever before. Recent events unquestionably show that lives of men and women of this planet are affected by events happening thousands of miles away.
The partners believe that the central challenge we face today is to minimize the adverse effects of globalization and leave a liveable world for the future generations, based on equity, sustainability and common well-being. To come to this end, the partners in the project found the need of educating young people in the light of Global Responsibility and raise their awareness upon the joint responsibility for local, regional and international development, as well as develop their skills to assess the global impact of their personal and local actions.
With this project, the partners will develop a set of non-formal methods in Global Responsibility Education (GRE) with four different dimensions: Human Rights, Poverty and Migration, Health, Sustainability and Climate Change.
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