PROJECT TITLE: JAMBO Young Women Empowerment to Improve Quality of Youth Work and Volunteering in EU and Partner Countries.
THEME: gender issue, women empowerment, youth unemployment.
TARGET: young women, local youth/social workers, representatives of local and international organizations and Ngos.
PROJECT DURATION:1.10. 2014 - 30.9. 2015 (12 months).
PROJECT PARTNERS:LUNARIA-Italy(applicant),CONCORDIA-France, GRENZENLOS-Austria, KVDA-Kenya, TYCEN-Tanzania and UPA-Uganda.
THE PROJECT IS SUPPORTED BY: Erasmus+ Programme , Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Capacity Building in the field of youth - EAC/S11/13


JAMBO Young Women Empowerment to Improve Quality of Youth Work and Volunteering in EU and Partner Countries aimed to empower youth social workers (male and females) and provide them with new tools, to enable them to favour the women participation in short term local and international voluntary service projects implemented in the local communities. Furthermore it's expected that participants, after the experience, will lead short term voluntary service projects about gender so to raise awareness in this field and will be able to manage the possible gender conflicts, that might appear .


The international community recognizes gender equality and women's participation as an indispensable factor for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and building sustainable and fair societies.
International Voluntary Service (IVS) projects all over the world have been offering a rare space where women from different backgrounds and with different skills can actively participate in the life of the local and international communities, share their experiences, work alongside with men, take and accept leadership and gain legitimacy in different cultural contexts.
Having set an analysis of the short term voluntary service projects run in the two geographical areas, it has been noticed that in African countries there is a scarce women participation in local and international projects, while in Europe, there is an overage women high rate participation in these projects, higher compared with the male one.
This analysis shows that the potential of young women participation in IVS projects is not exploited yet in African countries due to social, economical and cultural barriers. In Europe instead, although reaching up to 70% of the volunteers' exchanges in many countries there is a tendency to reproduce gender inequality within existing structures. Gender revealed to be a cross-cutting issue in particular in the frame of Africa-Europe exchanges: the reciprocal stereotypes and prejudices on gender roles in African and EU societies played an important function as underlined by different projects we set up in recent years. With unemployment still high as a result of the 2008 financial crisis young people and women are a particular risk category. They enter the job market often with little experience, given that formal education institution does not effectively provide enough preparation. Young women are the first victims of this crisis because of cultural and social prejudices and it's fundamental to enhance their role as key factor of development.
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