"My opinion, ideas and typecast of other Nationality and cultures changed completely hence my life patterns have changed too by taking part in TYCEN's Volunteer project in Tanzania. Thanks for the life time experiences"


"My pride and self-esteem in doing something for this planet has stayed in my mind whenever I see the pictures with everyone together and the TYCEN Certificate. I real enjoyed teaching language to adults and underprivileged youth in Tanzania through TYCEN. Wonderful job done by this organization!! Thanks for the experiences you offered to us."


"By talking, discussing, visiting and working together with my fellow participants and the local community members I could broaden my vision for the future. I'm sure we can make peace all over the world; after all we all live in the same planet Earth. People different ethnicity can make this planet earth a better place for everyone to live in. Join to have this awesome experiences and skills in Tanzania through TYCEN Projects."


"TYCEN volunteering projects real provides an inter-cultural learning experience and the opportunity to explore a country and new cultures in a deeper and more respectful way than as tourists. We interacted with local people in the community, tasted their food, drinks and clothing. We had good fun altogether. Therefore, it was an amazing and rewarding experience! I miss everything now; hope to come back for a second time."

ESTER PRATICĂ“ (Reggio Calabria - ITALY)

"TYCEN's volunteer work camp facilitated me to reinforce my conviction that knowing and understanding other cultures are essential to develop strength of mind in harmony with today's world. Don't miss this experience too; the project fees are reasonably cheap compared to other Organizations, Asante (Thanks). "


"Due to globalization the World is becoming smaller, interdependent, and more complex where the chance to meet people with different thoughts, race and culture is increasing and conflicts may also arise. However by participating in TYCEN's projects through Volunteering facilitates the connections across differences that push us apart so that we can live together in healthy, sustainable communities, working together to provide innovative solutions to our shared challenges and shape our collective destinies."


For more testimonials from past volunteers, take a look at our profile page on Omprakash!
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