The project aims at revitalizing non formal education and mainstreaming Global Responsibility Education as a new core element. It builds capacity of the partner organizations involved to provide Global Responsibility Education.
TYCEN establishes "SAMBAA SANAA" project to enable mobility of culture professionals and local artists in Tanzania. This mobility helps to improve artist quality, foster new talents, and provide access to art and cultural activities for youth in tackling unemployment hence contributing to the socio-economic development of local Tanzanians
The goal of the project is to develop skills, knowledge and competences of youths in order to improve their productivity and employability in the field of green entrepreneurship.
This project tackled climate change and youth mobilization.It was an initiative of 3 European NGOs(Bulgaria,Italy and Poland) 2 African NGOs(Kenya and Tanzania) and 1 South Asian NGO(Nepal).The project fostered young people's civic responsibility and active citizenship and laid the foundation of a climate sensitive transnational network of youth organizations from Africa,Asia and Europe.
The aim of the project was to unite young people from Europe and Africa, encouraging them to take an active part in the cultural life of their communities, and thus to increase the potential for socio-cultural and creative activities as a means to combat youth unemployment. Direct participants in the project were 30 youths and 13 youth workers who participated in a three-day seminar in the South Africa- Johannesburg in November 2013, and in a five-day youth academy, which was held in Dobrich-Bulgaria in June 2014.
JAMBO Young Women Empowerment to Improve Quality of Youth Work and Volunteering in EU and Partner Countries aimed to empower youth social workers (male and females) and provide them with new tools, to enable them to favour the women participation in short term local and international voluntary service projects implemented in the local communities.
The aim of the project was to tackle the challenge of one of the basic social principles - integration of the gender equality principle. Both six partner organizations are striving to improve the communication competences of young women and implement new knowledge in the local environments, with the goal of greater empowerment and a more active social participation of women.
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