Project aims on one hand to conduct a comparative analysis of Youth Issues, Attitudes and Policies in relation with the social innovation processes from the perspective of various world regions, and on the other hand to promote the recognition of Youth Work by building youth workers’ and youth leaders’ capacity to empower young people for using social innovation in finding local answers to complex social and societal challenges in participating communities.
The project aims at developing the competences of youth workers in the area of facilitating the Global Learning, free of Eurocentric approach, and focused on the real life examples. The European partnership has already created the manual GLOBALAB and the mobile application based on the 6 steps approach that aims to activate young people to take actions in the areas that interests them, and they find important.
"Women empowerment through sport" is meant to have a long-term impact on the wide range of stakeholders involved, at individual, organisational and systemic level. The impact will go beyond the project's lifetime and beyond the organisations involved.
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