Tanzania Youth Cultural Exchange Network (TYCEN) is a non-governmental youth development organization based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania but its operations is countrywide. It was founded and established by Mr. Chris J. Ndallo in collaboration with few other youth project coordinators, all of whom have experience working with youth groups in both local and international communities. TYCEN organizes volunteer projects and youth exchange programs in Tanzania in which both local Tanzanians and volunteers from around the world participate. Our NGO is devoted to improving local education, fostering environmental conservation efforts, and furthering sustainable development in communities throughout Tanzania. Over the past few years we have noticed a high demand for youth programs in Tanzania and many local and international volunteers we met expressed a continued interest in cultural exchange opportunities. We therefore decided to create an organization which would offer entrepreneurial and developmental education for Tanzanian youth, and give them the opportunity to interact further with volunteers from all over the world. We believe that volunteering in work camps can help forge connections among youth from diverse backgrounds and create an atmosphere of cooperation and respect among people from different countries. By working together we can come up with innovative solutions to our shared challenges and make a difference in shaping our future.

Our Vision
To promote youth empowerment by supporting their integration into the social-cultural and economic life of their societies through involvement in local and regional sustainable development projects.

Our Mission
To engage young people first-hand in improving local and health education, foster environmental conservation and gender issues and further sustainable development in communities throughout Tanzania.

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To facilitate youth to acquire skills and competence for employment.
  2. To disseminate  and expand  the intends of volunteering service and its enlightening impact both on the volunteers and the various communities in which volunteers work, common understanding, respect, personal responsibility and dedication.
  3. To enhance gender equality, health issues, environmental education on conservation, and sustainable development.
  4. To provide training in the fields of civil society, social-economic issues and youth civic integration for young people and informal groups.   
  5. To offer vocational guidance, counseling, self-reliance and entrepreneurial education in order to inculcate enterprise culture among the youth and elders.
  6. To encourage and expand TYCEN organization and co-operation with other volunteering service organizations that are devoted to making voluntary work possible to all citizens of all ethnic groups without considering race or colors.
  7. To encourage people to explore, understand, challenge and address cross-cutting issues.

TYCEN is a legal registered organization with the registration number S.A16529 under the Societies Act Cap.337 (R.E.2002) in Tanzania
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